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#NFB19 Audio: Charm Those Around You With Elegant Insights Jewelry

On very rare occasions the Convention Committee deals you a great hand by placing a national convention on your home turf. For Laura Legendary, co-founder of the Fashionability Channel and podcast, this meant that she could avoid the hotel entirely and restock her booth as much as possible. And restock she did as she sold out of products, like the Live The Life You Want Nevada State themed items, throughout the run of the convention...


 21 July 2019  7m

#ACB19 Audio: Orbit Research Firms UP The Orbit Reader 20

In BBQ 185 We discussed that the new firmware for the Orbit Reader 20 allowed a user to upgrade from the SD card slot. Lisa spoke to Venkatesh Chari, CEO and President of Orbit Research, About this exciting development at ACB 19. Listen in to hear the details about this change and how you can perform the upgrade. To learn more about this update, or to purchase an Orbit Reader 20, visit the Orbit Research website


 21 July 2019  8m

#NFB19 Audio: Previewing What ™s Next For Microsoft ™s Magnifier And Narrator

We last caught up with Jason Grieves, Product Manager Low Vision Windows Accessibility, At ATIA 19 back in January. At that event Jason outlined changes coming to Windows Magnifier and Narrator in the Spring Windows 10 update. With the second regular Windows 10 update arriving before the holidays, Joe sat down with Jason to learn what users can expect in the next version of Windows 10...


 17 July 2019  22m

#ACB19 Audio: Informative Iconography With tangible surface research

Bump dots are so 20th century. They just sit there feeling all circular and, well, same old thing really. It would be nice if tactile markings could convey more when you encounter them.


 16 July 2019  10m

#NFB19 Audio: Updates, Changes And Consumer Choice At HIMS

Joe was lucky to catch Damian Pickering, Vice President of Sales for HIMS, during the quieter morning hours of the Exhibit Hall. The pair discuss the new firmware changes for the Polaris notetaker line, how QBraille XL is doing one year later and how HandyTech displays are unique amongst the other Braille product lines. To learn more about these products, or to see what else the company has for sale, visit the HIMS website


 16 July 2019  10m

#Sponsored Blind Bargains Convention Coverage: AIRA with Big Deals, Big Presence at #NFB19 and #ACB19

If you are going to be at the ACB or NFB conventions this week, it will be hard to miss the presence of AIRA. From free AIRA access at the convention sites and the Rochester and Las Vegas airports, to a couple of huge parties, AIRA has a lot going on. Check out this podcast with AIRA's Greg Stilson to learn about AIRA's convention specials, some interesting sessions and presentations, and yes those parties. Get the Aira app and learn more by going to Aira...


 07 July 2019  19m

Blind Bargains Qast 187: A.T. Summer Showcase 2019

The packing of suitcases and shipping of boxes has begun. We're gearing up for interviews and the A. T. Guys booth in Vegas. And this week we'll let you in on some new things we'll have on hand and on the website. We also have a great interview with Brad Folkens of CloudSight, a peek at Shelly's new Apple related documentary plus Joe and Ricky have some recently acquired accessories to tell you about...


 30 June 2019  56m

Blind Bargains Qast 186: Accessibility Champions

Joe is joined by longtime friend, and fellow podcaster, Jamie Pauls this week as J.J. is on the road. However, J.J. did have a chance to interview Intuit's Ted Drake about some of the processes and programs happening at the company to forward accessibility efforts for their internal culture and customers alike. A tip, "Sound Off" plus a musical topic smash into the "Last Word". Grab your spreadsheets for it is time for BBQ 186.


 21 June 2019  1h6m

Blind Bargains Qast 185: Cocaine Poodle Whammy

June usually finds us talking about Apple and games thanks to WWDC and E3 respectively. Jesse Anderson


 15 June 2019  1h1m

Blind Bargains Qast 184: The Wheels On The Mac Go Round And Round

Thousands of developers and programmers headed west to San Jose for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this week. And our own BBQ Crew Member Shelly Brisbin was amongst the attendees during the main keynote. Tune in to hear an on-the-spot report from her, as well as, Byron Lee and Scott Davert joining Joe to discuss the big announcements in this wrap up format show.


 10 June 2019  1h37m