BGM: Bad Gay Movies = Bitchy Gay Men

This podcast features co-hosts Bil Antoniou, Daniel Krolik and Michael Soulard as they explore the best of the worst in LGBT cinema! Join us each month as we pick a film that we feel could have used some of our expert feedback, and hopefully leave it with some dignity. We'll post the film we are going to watch ahead of the show so you can follow along. Visit our site at and please send us feedback at!

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Episode 107: Lie Down With Dogs

Bil is back from vacation, Mike has a break from work and Dan is still not over Glenn Close’s Oscar loss, so what better way to deal with the dog days of summer than to go to Provincetown?  Join the boys as they enjoy revisiting a retro classic (?)



Episode 106: Stonewall

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and that’s not something we take lightly!  Roland Emmerich does, though, since he made a movie in which five days of rioting is turned into a quick skirmish outside a bar before catching the la


 13 July 2019  n/a

Episode 105: Something For Everyone

 Bil Antoniou and Daniel Krolik are joined by Andrew Lamb, the director of A Gay Victorian Affair, who stops by to talk about his upcoming Fringe Show Spend Your Kids Inheritance and then discuss the “camp classic” (or not) Something For Every


 16 June 2019  n/a

Episode 104: Tumbledown

We continue our exploration of some pretty dark times by dipping into the impressive filmography of Todd Verow for the first time!  Join Bil, Daniel and Michael as try to figure out the process of a Rashomon tale that only has one version. Tumbledown by T


 24 May 2019  n/a

Episode 103: Dog Tags

  Nothing ailing a soldier that a boy in eyeliner can’t fix, even if he is also a boy who keeps abandoning his baby in his car. Yes, all of these things happen and Mike, Dan and Bil are there to witness it all in this week’s episode, cove


 06 May 2019  n/a

Episode 102: Cherry Pop

We have wonderful listeners, we wouldn’t get to 102 episodes without them, so when they write to us and ask us to cover movies they’ve watched, who are we to say no?  But when we actually see what it is that we’re being asked to watch, w


 17 April 2019  n/a

Episode 101: Something Like Summer (with Kyle Brownrigg)

BGM 101 and it’s back to school…high school! Graphic novel adaptations are always so great, think of Ghost World, and gay YA fiction can be so charming, like Love Simon!  So of course this adaptation of Jay Bell’s book has to be great, r


 30 March 2019  n/a

Episode 100: Sextette featuring special guest Lisa Ferreira

We can’t believe we made it!!!  We’ve done 100 episodes!!! We owe such thanks to our listeners for being so great to us and for getting us this far.  To celebrate, we decided to go back to the fabulous Mae West and take a look at her last film


 12 March 2019  n/a

Episode 99: 3nd Annual Oscar Special with Special Guest Glenn Sumi!

It’s about an hour and a half of Glenn Close and then a few minutes of other things…but Bil and Dan are thrilled to be talking Oscar predictions again, AND to have the pleasure of the great Glenn Sumi returning to share his year in film. A NOT


 18 February 2019  n/a

Episode 98: Saturday Night At The Baths

The one thing you don’t expect from a movie about the prime era of bathhouses in the seventies is that it will be about straight people, but we here at BGM are all about irony.  Join Bil and Daniel as they talk about Saturday Night At The Baths by D


 15 January 2019  n/a