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How to Get Rid Off Your Guilt by Louis Torres (LQ)

Many of us lived carrying a heavy burden of past mistake. The Bible offer us hope of redemption, no matter how bad those mistakes are!


 14 August 2019  47m

That Sugar High by Joel Ten (LQ)

Got a sweet tooth? Sugar consumption is at an all time high, and diabetes is a nationwide epidemic. Why do we love sugar so much, and just how much is too much? Find out as we explore this topic that many of us might not even realise is a health issue today!


 14 August 2019  25m

Revelation's Answer for Human Suffering by Louis Torres (LQ)

"If there is No pain, then there is no gain". Were we all meant to live with pain? "Growing pains" for the young, and pain as we decline in age. In our society today, there abounds Emotional, Mental, and Physical pain. Where did it all come from? Should God be responsible for it?


 07 August 2019  50m

Revelation's Battle for the Mind by Louis Torres (LQ)

Revelation reveals there are a war going on right now between God and the devil. Not a war over land or great treasure, but a war over your mind! Let's find out how to make sure you’re on the winning side!


 07 August 2019  50m

The Business of Rest by Daryl Cheng (LQ)

In the whirlwind of work and study, we never seem to be able to stop and breathe. Just when you think its time to relax, something else comes up! What is the true answer to our world's busyness and is there any hope for ever getting enough rest?


 31 July 2019  16m

The New World Order by Louis Torres (LQ)

The Bible predicts an upcoming new world power. Let's find out what it is!


 31 July 2019  54m

Superheros of The Human Body by Henry To (LQ)

Elite soldiers prepare themeselves for extra-ordinary achievements- but innate in the human body are amazing cellular functions which prime and prepare to fight off everyday bacteria and viruses. Listen in on how you can maximise and mobilise your own superheroes!


 24 July 2019  18m

Behold the Bridegroom is Coming by Louis Torres (LQ)

Jesus uses weddings as a warning, why?


 24 July 2019  53m

The Everyday Addict: Caffeine by Joel Ten (LQ)

What is the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world? Caffeine. We use this drug so prolifically that we forget that it even is a drug, let alone something that affects our minds. Learn more about what caffeine does to your brain, and also how to get the beneficial health effects of tea and coffee without the ill effects of caffeine!


 17 July 2019  13m

Seven Seals of Revelation by Louis Torres (LQ)

 The book of Revelation reveals 7 seals that will be open leading to the end of the world. Let’s find out what it is and why it is especially important for us know today!


 17 July 2019  51m