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Pop Asians get ready! K-pop star Kevin Kim is with you every weeknight talking about the latest in Asian pop, and chatting to the biggest stars! Keep up-to-date on the latest hits, what the fans are talking about and what your fave idols are up to. Each week Kevin will be covering the latest in K-pop, J-pop, C-pop and T-pop, plus sharing his own personal stories about the music biz.

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When weight pressure is too much for K-pop idols

This week the fan forum talk about how far is too far when it comes to an idol's weight. They understand that people need to look good wh...


 04 October 2017  48m

Joey The Anime Man And AkiDearest Recommend Anime For A K-pop Star To Watch

This week The Anime Show's Joey and Aki join Kevin Kim. They talk about the first anime they saw, and give Kevin Kim recommendations on what...


 03 October 2017  32m

Following your dreams; Kevin wanted to become a (love) scientist

Kevin Kim admits he wanted to be a scientist once; a love scientist. Kevin thinks that's a really good idea for a song; call it 'Chemist...


 25 September 2017  23m

 18 September 2017  54m

Kevin Kim catches up with Victon and Up10tion ahead of KCON 2017 Australia

This week Kevin Kim chats to Victon and Up10tion ahead of their arrival in Australia for KCON!! Victon tell us how they feel about comin...


 15 September 2017  28m

Everyone's favourite K-pop comeback; from EXO To B.A.P

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum are talking comebacks. They go in-depth about EXO and B.A.P's comebacks. There's different opinions...


 11 September 2017  53m

Kevin Chats With The Boys From UP10TION

A big podcast this week! Hear what UP10TION want to get up to when they come here for KCON 2017 Australia. Kevin calls fellow ZE:A member Mi...


 08 September 2017  24m

Learning Korean as a K-pop star

This week Kevin explains that he had to take Korean classes when he first became an idol, even though he could speak Korean. He said his ...


 04 September 2017  39m

When does Kevin Kim want to have kids; he laughs his way through the answer

This week Kevin Kim let's us know when he wants to have kids; well he tries to answer the question as best he can. After a fan asks him t...


 01 September 2017  29m

Highlights from KCON LA and New York 2017

This week, we're getting hyped for KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA  by talking about the highlights from KCON LA and New York. Highlights include W...


 28 August 2017  54m