SBS PopAsia live with Kevin Kim

Pop Asians get ready! K-pop star Kevin Kim is with you every weeknight talking about the latest in Asian pop, and chatting to the biggest stars! Keep up-to-date on the latest hits, what the fans are talking about and what your fave idols are up to. Each week Kevin will be covering the latest in K-pop, J-pop, C-pop and T-pop, plus sharing his own personal stories about the music biz.

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The MAMA's detected illegal voting; how fans have reacted

This week on the Fan Forum we chat about the MAMA's illegal voting controversy. Millions of votes have been removed, it's affected the to...


 06 November 2017  50m

Kevin Flies To Korea For 24 Hours To Hang With Celebs

Lots of stuff happened this week! Kevin visited Korea over the weekend for a big event, where he rubbed shoulders with some celebritie...


 03 November 2017  33m

K-pop idols in a CF; what happen behind the scenes

This week Kevin Kim talks about being in advertisements (CFs). The Fan Forum talk about how funny some idols, like Hyeri, are in CFs. The...


 30 October 2017  51m

Sam Hammington's favourite experience on Korean TV

This week Sam Hammington chats to K-Andy about how he ended up in Korea, his fave TV experience and what he still finds challenging about...


 27 October 2017  34m

Kevin Kim's MAMAs experience

This week Kevin Kim talks about what it's like going to the MAMAs! He went in 2009 and the funniest thing to happen was all nine members...


 23 October 2017  49m

How a K-pop album is made

This week Kevin Kim spills on how a K-pop album is made. It starts with thinking about what song they want. They have huge meetings with ...


 20 October 2017  34m

ZE:A singing Girls' Generation in karaoke; Kevin's slightly embarrassed

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum are talking Girls' Generation. You get to hear the time ZE:A covered Girls' Generation in karaoke ...


 16 October 2017  53m

How Kevin Kim got in to the K-pop industry to become a K-pop star

This week Kevin Kim tells us how he got in to his company, which led him to become a K-pop star. He sent a resume with all his details a...


 13 October 2017  30m

Which survival show will be better: 'The Unit' Or 'Mix 9'?

This week Kevin Kim and the Fan Forum talk about which survival show will be better - 'The Unit' or 'Mix 9'? They're slightly different, ...


 09 October 2017  49m

How our K-pop star celebrates Chuseok; and when's he getting married?

This week Kevin Kim says Happy Chuseok to you all and spills on how he celebrates the holiday. He spends time with family, eating a lot...


 09 October 2017  25m