Best Midwestern presents Best Midwestern, a podcast focusing on music of the U.S. Midwest, hosted by Greg Simpson and Scott Heisel.

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Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - Minnesota

On the 8th installment of our state-by-state music project, we head to Minnesota. This episode is a doozy because there is sooooo much great stuff to come out of the land o' lakes, from 40s radio hits to Prince to modern punk. Dig it!


 05 June 2019  1h53m

 30 March 2019  47m

Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - Wisconsin Part 1

On the 7th installment of our State-by-State series we learn that Wisconsin is just too awesome for one episode. We go way back to the early great music of the Cheesiest State (TM) and rock our way through the decades up through the 1980s. On Part 2 coming in a week or so, we'll get to that great shit from 1990 - to now.


 23 March 2019  1h20m

Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - South Dakota

On the 6th installment of our State-by-State series we discover that South Dakota has been killing’ it in the rock realm for decades and none of us knew it. Come along as we explore the state’s music, from obscure but talented musicians of many genres from years past to the state’s modern indie, punk and hardcore bands.


 30 January 2019  1h15m

Best Midwestern - Best of the Midwest 2018

We’re back y’all! We run down out favorite Midwestern records of 2018 in this comeback special. Sign up at our Patreon to hear our special episode with our favorite non-Midwestern records of 2018!


 05 January 2019  1h16m

Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - North Dakota

On our 5th installment, we dig into the music of North Dakota. Wiz Khalifa is from North Dakota, who knew? What else has come out of ND? You’re gonna have to listen to find out.


 10 July 2018  1h7m

Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - Missouri

On our 4th installment, we dig into the music of Missouri, from ragtime all the way to Puddle of Mudd. It’s a wild ride in the Show Me State.


 25 May 2018  1h52m

Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - Iowa

On the 3rd ep of our project to deep-dive into the music history of the 12 Midwestern states we look at Iowa, from jazz that traveled up the river from New Orleans to the best-kept-secrets in current punk music from the Hawkeye State.


 28 April 2018  1h43m

Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - Michigan

On the 2nd ep of our project to deep-dive into the music history of the 12 Midwestern states we look at Michigan, discussing and playing clips from blues, Motown, proto-punk and punks acts, all the way up to the best current bands from the Mitten State.


 27 March 2018  1h45m

Best Midwestern - State-by-State Project - Indiana

On the first episode of our year-long project to deep-dive into the music history of each of the 12 Midwestern states we look at Indiana, from Tin Pan Alley songwriters of the 1910 and 20s to indie and punk rock one hundred years later.


 16 February 2018  1h50m