The HussyCast

The HussyCast features mixes from Beat Hussy, a sometimes naughty (but always nice) Seattle area DJ specializing in smooth mixes of fun, eclectic, (mostly Underground House) music, made with love from broadcasts and live appearances.

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Deep Vibes Radio (20 September, 2019)

An eclectic set of promos (played blind) and favorites I probably play too often. Recorded live 9/20/19 on DeepVibes Radio ( or TuneIn 1st and 3rd Fridays at 8p gmt). Tracklist coming soon (it's spread across 3 drives ;).


 23 September 2019  1h59m

Beat Hussy - DeepVibes Radio (06 September 2019)

Recorded live on (Deep Vibes Radio on TuneIn) where I play 1st/3rd Fridays 8-10p gmt. Tracklist coming soon.


 06 September 2019  1h59m

HussEye - Tech (20190517 tag set)

Beat Hussy and DustEye tag set.


 23 May 2019  2h7m

Beat Hussy - Deepvibes Radio (03 May 2019)

Loved up House for your spring adventures. I can be heard live on or TuneIn 1st/3rd Fridays 20:00-22:00 GMT


 04 May 2019  2h1m

Deep Vibes Radio - April 2019

Broadcast on 20190419. Love is a hell of a drug ;)...


 19 April 2019  2h0m

Beat Hussy - Deep Vibes Radio March 2019

Recorded live on 20190315


 16 March 2019  2h2m

Past: (mostly) Kids Music for High Adults

Remixes, originals and oddities in multiple languages and genres. Disney, Pre-Disney Muppets, My Little Pony, Shirley Temple, Reading Rainbow, Mister Rogers, They Might Be Giants, Super Mario Brothers, Gummy Bears, Star Wars, El Pollito Pio, Hokey Pokey, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Pink Fluffy Unicorns, 70s TV themes and (I’m so sorry) much more! Have you heard Cameltoe mixed into the Hamster Dance yet today? (please do before you play this for your kids) (Recorded in the wild 20190302)


 07 March 2019  2h0m

Twelve Twenty Eight Eighteen Farewell

The final installment of Friday Night Frolic and my final show on Sugar Shack Radio.


 12 February 2019  2h2m

Beat Hussy Vetri Artist Appreciation Party Jan 2019

Recorded live at Vetri Gallery in Seattle.


 05 February 2019  2h0m

Beat Hussy Deep Vibes Radio January 2019

3rd Fridays on (noon-2p pt, 8-10p gmt)


 18 January 2019  2h0m