A fast-paced daily rundown of what's happening in the world of automotive. The biggest unveils, the latest recalls and the scariest hacks, brought to you by Roadshow.

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Lincoln heading to China while Skoda heads to the US? (AutoComplete Podcast 22)

In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Brian and Tim discuss a particularly disconcerting Mitsubishi hack, and a few recalls that you may want to know about.


 09 June 2016  22m

Toyota's plans for Google's robotics tech? And inside Silicon Valley's test track (AutoComplete Podcast 21)

In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Brian​ Cooley ​talk​s​ about ​the possible buyout of some of Google's robotics tech by Toyota; more on the Takata recalls; ​and a quick look at Silicon Valley's test track for self-driving cars.


 04 June 2016  n/a

Apple Car hints and Tesla Autopilot misses (AutoComplete Podcast 20)

In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Brian and Tim talk about the latest in what seems like a series of never-ending Takata recalls, but find some light at the end of the Dieselgate tunnel.


 28 May 2016  21m

Big updates for Android Auto, big updates on automotive cheaters. (AutoComplete Podcast 19)

In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Brian and Tim discuss the latest cheats and shady happenings in the car world, plus all the automotive-related news from Google I/O.


 21 May 2016  24m

Taking the Hyperloop to the future of transportation (AutoComplete Podcast, Ep. 18)

In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Tim and Emme talk Hyperloop, Tesla factory tours and the latest update on the never-ending Dieselgate saga.


 14 May 2016  23m

Tesla Model 3 might already be running late (AutoComplete Podcast, Ep. 17)

Lots of updates from Tesla, pricing on a pair of hot cars, and yet more Takata airbag woes.


 07 May 2016  22m

Could MileageGate sink Mitsubishi? (AutoComplete Podcast, Ep. 16)

Mitsubishi steals a lot of shade from VW, Tesla is a big spender on warranty repairs, and Cooley just isn't convinced Apple even wants to build cars.


 29 April 2016  17m

Recalls, recalls and more recalls. (AutoComplete Podcast, Ep. 15)

We have recalls galore, the latest rumors on the supposed Apple Car and a new BMW update that'll make it easier than ever to record your track day antics.


 23 April 2016  13m

What on Earth is Tim shredding on this week?! (AutoComplete, Ep. 14)

"High-octane" gas may not be a lie for much longer; Tim Stevens will soon be shredding on something you've never seen before; and the scope of the Takata airbag problem gets bigger (if that's possible).


 16 April 2016  14m

Tesla's production woes can't hurt the Model 3 (AutoComplete, Ep. 13)

Tesla blames "hubris" for Model X delays, the Model 3 breaks 325,000 reservations and we've got a boatload of updates on autonomous driving.


 08 April 2016  n/a
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