Autism Science Foundation Weekly Science Report

The Autism Science Foundation Weekly Science Podcast is a summary of the latest research in autism spectrum disorders. This podcast will discuss new science, research discoveries, meetings and discussions, news reports, and other information important to those affected by autism especially families.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 9m. Bisher sind 153 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


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A tool to describe strengths of people with autism

Due to popular demand, this podcast is dedicated to the International Classification of Functioning, or ICF.  This is a tool used to measure functioning in people with not just autism, but across individuals.  As the expert guest, Soheil Mahdi,


 01 July 2018  15m

Reusing and recycling autism data from brain tissue

In a new study in animal models, researchers demonstrate how genetic variability in key risk genes leads to different brain development patterns.  Studying the brains of people with autism is challenging, since there are fewer resources to study.


 25 June 2018  10m

Ode to autism dads

On the heels of Father’s Day, this week’s podcast summarizes the last year or so of research which focuses on the fathers.  This includes genetics, parental stress and quality of life, and broader autism phenotype features.   Of note,


 18 June 2018  7m

What the Tooth Fairy knows about autism

A new study uses baby teeth, which are formed in pregnancy and emerge at about 6 months to a year, to understand the dynamics of metals in people with autism.  Not just the levels, but the cycles of zinc and copper,


 11 June 2018  10m

Sobering statistics on suicide

Suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts have been shown to be increased in people with ASD.  Rates are similar to those with bipolar depression and schizophrenia, but are higher even without psychosis.  This is shocking and an urgent health issue in th...


 04 June 2018  7m

In partial praise of the DSM5

While much work needs to be done to include individual abilities and disabilities into the DSM5, after the CDC prevalence numbers were published last month, it became clear the old DSMIV was not working.  In a replication of a previous finding,


 29 May 2018  6m

The sticky subject of cost effectiveness

In a perfect world, money would not matter.  But in this world, it does, and a dollar spent on one thing in the clinic by families, society and insurance companies means a dollar not spent somewhere else.  Therefore,


 21 May 2018  14m

A sampling of science from the International Meeting of Autism Research

In case you didn’t have time to jump on a plane and fly to the Netherlands last week for the International Society of Autism Research meeting, this week’s podcast is a short summary of just a few of the presentations.


 14 May 2018  24m

Where the wild new genetic hot spots are

Three new studies, all with the common element of inclusion of ASF postdoctoral fellowships as authors, appeared this week using whole genome sequencing technologies to look at new areas of the genome.  Not just new genes,


 07 May 2018  10m

Clinical trials talk with Tom Frazier from Autism Speaks

This week, a special surprise:  a conversation with Dr. Thomas Frazier, Chief Science Officer of Autism Speaks, on what is needed for better clinical trials for drug treatments for ASD, and what they are going to be doing to help move the science along...


 30 April 2018  34m