Asians Represent!

Welcome to Asians Represent! Daniel Kawn and Agatha Cheng host a series of unfiltered conversations that celebrate the contributions of Asian creators to analog gaming.

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episode 4: Dungeons & Da Asians #4: Zhouxia's Edge

With Dong Feng wounded, our heroes find themselves delayed in Chang'an, the capital of Xia. When summoned to the court of Empress Zhouxia, Ning is thrown into the political drama of the kingdom!



episode 13: Episode 13: Misfortune Quest (15-Minute Game Jam)

At Big Bad Con 2019, Daniel sat down with designers Lemmie Walsh, Ed Chuck, and Sangjun Park to design a micro-RPG in 15 minutes!



episode 3: Dungeons & Da Asians #3: Mantou & Melodrama

Xia, the Kingdom of the Mist, is under attack. As our heroes race towards the capital Chang'an, they encounter a dark force that resides in the rice fields that surround the city.


 31 October 2019  1h34m

episode 12: Episode 12: Big Bad Con recap ft. Viditya Voleti & Akemi Maniwa

On this episode, Daniel recaps his experience at Big Bad Con 2019, designing a game in 15 minutes, and interviewing up-and-coming designers Viditya Voleti and Akemi Maniwa!


 22 October 2019  50m

episode 2: Dungeons & Da Asians #2: Zhouxia's Spear

On this episode of Dungeons & Da Asians, Deng Feng struggles with the prophetic words they heard when touching the jade omen from the heavens. The party visits one of the many fortresses near the capital of Chang'an - the mighty Zhouxia's Spear - only to find that things are not as they seem.


 02 October 2019  1h50m

episode 11: Episode 11: Fan Expo & Jiangshi in the Banquet Hall ft. Sen-Foong Lim & Banana Chan

Here's a convention episode! Daniel sat down with game designers Sen-Foong Lim and Banana Chan at Fan Expo Canada to discuss their upcoming project - tentatively titled "Jiangshi in the Banquet Hall"! *Apologies for the audio. Microphone issues!


 28 September 2019  45m

Ross Rifles: Surviving Ypres (Episode 1)

Welcome to the Great War. The Asians Represent actual play crew dives into Daniel's upcoming World War One TTRPG Ross Rifles! Agatha, Ammar, and Steve will create and inhabit the lives of soldiers from the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) stationed on the Western Front. Sent overseas to fight for crown and country, they will make personal sacrifices in the name of Canada, and experience the horrors of industrialized war.


 09 September 2019  1h24m

episode 1: Dungeons & Da Asians #1: The Stone of Heaven

Welcome to the Emerald Realms, a land on the brink of total war. Empress Zhouxia the Supreme sends untested political agent La Ning alongside Sky Soldier Dong Feng and Martial Artist W'Leed to the town to Jingde to investigate a mysterious cosmic phenomenon that threatens the legitimacy of her rule.


 31 August 2019  1h55m

episode 10: Episode 10: Gen Con, the ENnies, & our Podcast Anniversary!

It's the ONE YEAR anniversary for the Asians Represent podcast! Daniel and Agatha reflected on their Gen Con experiences, the ENnies, and answered fan questions regarding their first year as co-hosts.


 16 August 2019  1h19m

episode 11: Episode 10: Dungeons & Da' Asians

To celebrate Asians Represent's nomination for Best Podcast at the 2019 ENnie Awards, here's session zero of our upcoming D&D actual play...*Dungeons & Da' Asians*! You'll be introduced to Dong-Feng (Agatha) the crustacean sky soldier, W'Leed the human pirate, and Ning (Steve) the water genasi rogue as we prepare for our upcoming adventure through the kingdom of Xia!


 10 July 2019  1h49m