ASA Biopharm's Podcast

In this podcast series sponsored by Biopharmaceutical Section of American Statistical Association, key opinion leaders from pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies talk about upcoming statistical conferences and events, and discuss current issues in Biopharmaceutical statistics.

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Episode 50: Lisa LaVange

ASA President Lisa LaVange describes her varied career across industry, government and academia, and discusses the establishment of the ASA Leadership Institute.


 21 February 2018  50m

Episode 49: Heather Thomas

Heather discusses her goals for the Biopharmaceutical Section in 2018 and describes the life of a medical product statistician living in a non-traditional area.


 25 January 2018  47m

Episode 48: PhUSE, the Pharmaceutical Users Software Exchange

Stephen Bamford, Chris Hurley and James Johnson discuss the motivation for and initiatives of PhUSE


 02 December 2017  51m

Episode 47: Pediatric Medical Product Development

Susan Wang and Amy Xia discuss the challenges of pediatric medical product development.


 06 November 2017  45m

Episode 46: Re-Randomization of Subjects Scientific Working Group

Gheorghe Doros, Anastasia Ivanova, and George Papakostas discuss the Sequential Parallel Comparison Design and the newly-formed Clinical Trial Designs with Re-Randomization of Subjects Scientific Working Group.


 15 October 2017  53m

Episode 45: Kelly Zou

Kelly shares her thoughts on real world data and real world evidence in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.


 19 September 2017  24m

Episode 44: Weili He and Martin Ho

Weili and Martin discuss the 2017 Regulatory-Industry Statistics Workshop.


 17 August 2017  35m

Episode 43: 40th Anniversary of PSI

Andy Grieve, Nigel Howitt, John Lewis and Lucy Rowell reminisce about PSI’s past and look forward to its future.


 27 July 2017  47m

Episode 42: Committee on Minorities in Statistics

Reneé Moore and Janelle Charles discuss the mission and major initiatives of the Committee on Minorities in Statistics and the many ways statisticians can get involved.


 29 June 2017  47m

Episode 41: Liz Stuart

Liz discusses the Health Policy Statistics Section (HPSS) of the ASA, the upcoming 2018 International Conference on Health Policy Statistics (ICHPS), as well as some of the major topic areas of focus for health policy statistics.


 05 June 2017  42m