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Armor Goes Clank 015 November 8th, 2019 (I Have A Personal Connection To This Game) (58:31)

Elon Musk can't help you get out of this episode but we can! The world's best caver, games of the 90s, and a 14th-century heist await within! -- Download mp3 (32.7 MB) Show links The Cave Rescue That Captivated the NationFloyd Collins (Wikipedia)Torg



Armor Goes Clank 014 October 22nd, 2019 (I Could Kill My Way Out Of Them) (47:29)

This episode will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! Also, snakes, the Century Club, and Sense8! -- Download mp3 (26.4 MB) Show links Century ClubOver the EdgeSense8Rattlesnake KateKickStarter United Twitter



Armor Goes Clank 013 October 6th, 2019 (It's The Right Kind of Messy) (55:49)

Sorcery! (the Steve Jackson kind), weird games, and Rose Tico walk into a bar... -- Download mp3 (30.9 MB) Show links Steve Jackson's SorceryMore Steve Jackson's SorceryImmortal: The Invisible WarFantasy WargamingGamma WorldNexus The Infinite CityThe


 06 October 2019  n/a

Armor Goes Clank 012 September 21st, 2019 (Technically a Milton Bradley Game) (51:57)

This episode features the Harpers, board games, and the Endless Quest series but you've been talking to Elminster and he already told you all this. -- Download mp3 (29.1 MB) Show links The HarpersTalismanHunt for Red OctoberRed Storm RisingArkham Hor


 21 September 2019  n/a

Armor Goes Clank 011 August 28, 2019 (The Word Was Charlatan) (49:25)

What if Belle knew quivering palm and flew a Veritech fighter? Download mp3 (27.8 MB) Show links Robotech - Macross SagaBluebeard's BrideCount Dante (Dollop)Count Dante (Wikipedia)AGC's DriveThruRPG Picks for this episode! Mark:  U1 -&


 05 September 2019  n/a

Armor Goes Clank 010 July 30, 2019 (You Can Do This In Other Eras, Too!) (49:48)

A pugilist, a mobile suit, and so many RPGs! Download mp3 (17.7 MB) Show links Tom SayersStar FrontiersTop SecretFringeworthyChillJames Bond 007Star WarsGhostbustersCyberpunk 2013Mobile Suit GundamUnicorn GundamRX-78-2 StatueAGC's DriveThruRPG&n


 30 July 2019  n/a

Armor Goes Clank 009 July 15, 2019 (Best of All, You Can Play a Mutated Plant) (52:13)

Old-school games! Old-school amusement parks! Old-school Hollywood! The wheels are coming off this episode. Grab on fast! Download mp3 (28.5 MB) Show links HypericonAction Park (Wikipedia)Action Park (NY Post)Metamorphosis AlphaTravellerOGR


 16 July 2019  n/a

Armor Goes Clank 008 June 28, 2019 (My Shelf is Full of Those Games) (1:04:13)

Sumo! Stonehenge (sort of)! Some games! Enjoy! Download mp3 (21.7MB) Show links Georgia Guidestones (Tom Scott Video)Georgia Guidestones (Wikipedia)Dogs in the VineyardGroo: The GameEverwayCults Across AmericaPolaris: Chivalric Tragedy at Utmost


 28 June 2019  n/a

Armor Goes Clank 007 June 14, 2019 (You Know Nothing John Carter) (1:01:58)

Mark and Brian talk about the gaming possibilities of one of the many Mars-based films that came out in 2012, clones go to Al Amarja, and we meet a real-life Nazi killer. All five seasons of Orphan Black are available on Amazon Prime Video. Download


 14 June 2019  n/a

Armor Goes Clank 006 May 17, 2019 (One Plus One Equals Two!) (40:50)

The Chargen Challenge is back with Uncle Olaf! This episode's colorful character is one who changed his stripes (or did he?!?) and just in time for MerMay, we visit a state park in Florida! All three seasons of The Almighty Johnsons are available on Amaz


 17 May 2019  n/a