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Welcome to Arizona EMCast! A podcast of Emergency Medicine core content, practical EM tips and general ER goodness geared toward EM residents and EM-bound medical students.

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episode 49: October 2019 - Safety and Procedural Sedation

Happy October everyone! You know the EM stereotype about adrenaline junkies who love taking risks and shooting from the hip? Apparently, that kind of behavior can get you in trouble. Who knew? And when it comes to procedural sedation, it can get your pat...



episode 48: September 2019 - Intro to Procedural Sedation

Happy September everyone! As the days get shorter and pumpkin spice infiltrates every part of our lives, we decided to talk about the closest thing we get to do in the ED to be master bakers and chefs: procedural sedation. A cup of propofol, a dollop of ...


 30 September 2019  36m

episode 47: August 2019 - Cutaneous Abscesses - Part 2

Happy August everyone! We left off last month’s saga of purulence with an epic cliff hangar. Why do we try so many methods to get the pus out when cold, hard steel works best? PAIN! These things hurt! It’s the pain inflicted that makes use go from watchi...


 31 August 2019  42m

episode 46: July 2019 - Cutaneous Abscesses - Part 1

Happy July everyone! First off, welcome to the new interns here and around the country. This podcast is intended to be a supplement to your education and by NO MEANS is it enough to train you how to be a good doctor. Instead we hope to teach you the ways...


 31 July 2019  n/a

episode 45: June 2019 - "Special" Abscesses

Happy June everyone! June is the end of an era for us in academics. We say goodbye to our seniors and welcome another crop of interns to the fold. To our seniors, thank you for your exceptional work over the years. We are proud to have worked with you an...


 01 July 2019  29m

episode 44: May 2019 - Febrile Neonates Part 2

Happy May everyone!   We conclude our saga of 90’s EBM nostalgia with a look at the recent PECARN article that proposes a new method for the evaluation of the febrile neonate. Dr. Chan Lowe and I continue the discussion with a deep dive into the study an...


 01 June 2019  26m

episode 43: April 2019 - Neonatal Fever - Part 1

Happy April everyone!   We interrupt our series of Skin and Soft Tissue Infections (right before the pus starts!) to bring you a timely review of neonatal fever. There is some great, exciting new research coming on our evaluation of febrile neonates to h...


 28 April 2019  35m

episode 42: March 2019 - Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Part 2

Happy March everyone!   Did you listen to the last episode and say to yourself, “Wow, thanks for the great education on identifying SSTIs but you never told me what to do with them! So now I have an ED full of boarded SSTIs because it’s taken you a month...


 27 March 2019  37m

episode 41: February 2019 - Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Part 1

Happy February everyone!   First, congrats to the residents who just finished their in-training exam!     Second, the four words every healthcare provider fears: Does this look infected? Is it oozing? Are you gonna send me a picture? Skin and soft tissue...


 01 March 2019  53m

episode 40: January 2019 - GI Bleed Board Prep

Happy 2019 everyone! If the thought of taking the EM in training exam next month makes you want to vomit blood or gives you stress colitis . . .you really need to chill out. It’s just a test. But this month’s episode of GI bleed board prep may be pretty ...


 30 January 2019  59m