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episode 143: Ed Fries - Interview

Xbox owners, it's time to pay homage to the man who led the team that created the first ever iteration of the console. Microsoft/FireAnt supremo Ed Fries joins our Adrian for a chat encompassing the early gaming days at Microsoft, bringing life to the Ma...



episode 142: Dragon's Lair & Space Ace

Dragon's Lair is the game that put the Quick Time Event genre firmly on the map whilst Space Ace was its plucky younger sibling. Rob's done a lot of research, so him, Adrian and Dylan sit down to discuss the game's inception, the weird and wonderful tale...



episode 141: The Retro Hour - Gaming Chat

A few months ago The Retro Hour kindly invited us on for a chat, it's about time we returned the favour! Dan and Ravi join Adrian and Dylan for a lovely gaming discussion covering how they got started, who their favourite guests are, how great the Atari ...



episode 140: Jaguar CD & Sega (Mega) CD Final Thoughts!

Well, the time has come for Dyl and Adrian's final chat about these legendary CD peripherals (mainly because Adrian has run out of Jag CD games).  This week takes focus on the Jag conversions of Myst and certain quick-time (real-time?) event games whilst...



episode 139: Sean Cooper (Syndicate Creator/Bullfrog) - Interview

The Syndicate creator and outstanding Bullfrog employee (Populous, Hi-Octane, Magic Carpet, Dungeon Keeper - to name a few) chats to our Adrian about what it was like working for Bullfrog, the birthing of Syndicate, the eventual demise of the legendary c...


 18 October 2019  46m

episode 138: Electronic Arts Tribute & Tim's Quiz

As many of you will know we had quite a big dig at EA a few weeks ago because of their current day practices but it got us thinking, how much do we actually owe them as a company (see what I did there)? We had an off-the-cuff chat about our Electronic Ar...


 11 October 2019  1h11m

episode 137: Stephen Sexton - Interview

Something a bit different today. To mark national poetry day here in the UK Adrian caught up with upcoming poet (who The Sunday Times described as the new Seamus Heaney) Stephen Sexton to talk about his book titled "If All the World and Love Were Young"....


 04 October 2019  47m

episode 136: The Panasonic/Goldstar/Sanyo 3DO

Keith played a "what's in the box game" with us which we've kinda given the surprise away to via the title of the pod... Nevertheless, we introduce our first ever 3DO chat but is Keith happy with his purchase? You'll have to listen to find out and don't ...


 27 September 2019  1h15m

episode 135: Mortal Kombat Co-Creator John Tobias - Interview

As we promised last week here is 80 minutes of pure retro gaming gold chat between our Adrian and the MK legend that is John Tobias! How did the Mortal Kombat phenomenon come about? John goes into absolutely everything and the journey on which he, Master...


 20 September 2019  1h27m

episode 134: Mortal Kombat

On the 26th (yes, we're crap at planning stuff) anniversary of Mortal Monday we finally discuss the fighting game that would be king. The history, the facts, our memories of the original game all discussed at length. And we've totally got an interview wi...


 13 September 2019  1h8m