Next Ten Words

Next Ten Words focuses on in-depth analysis and critique of the personal technology industry. Every week Michael Gartenberg, Rene Ritchie, and guests go beyond the soundbite to the next ten words. And the ten after that.

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05: Virtual reality distortion, with Jan Dawson

Gartenberg, Caldwell, Ritchie, and special guest Jan Dawson chat Apple and Virtual Reality, first mover advantages, mainstream adoption, gaming culture, and fear of missing out.


 04 June 2016  57m

04: Firing the digital assistants, with Carolina Milanesi

Gartenberg, Ritchie, and special guest Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies chat about Alexa, Siri, Google, digital agents, virtual assistants, personalities, API, internationalization, utility, and more.


 31 May 2016  1h3m

03: Apple Car as a service, with Horace Dediu

Gartenberg, Caldwell, Ritchie and special guest Horace Dediu of Asymco chat about Apple's investment in Didi Chuxing, Project Titan, and what a car business from Apple might—and might not—look like.


 21 May 2016  56m

02: Betting against Apple Pay, with Daniel Bader

Gartenberg, Caldwell, and Ritchie are joined by Daniel Bader to discuss the challenges Apple Pay faces when it comes to global expansion and consumer adoption.


 17 May 2016  48m

01: State of the iPhone, with John Gruber

Welcome to Apple Talk, a new podcast from iMore. This week Michael Gartenberg, Serenity Caldwell, Rene Ritchie, and special guest Mr. John Gruber of Daring Fireball take a long look at Apple’s iPhone business.


 12 May 2016  43m