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Animal spirits is a show about markets, life, and investing. Join Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson as they talk about what they're reading, writing, listening to and watching. Look for new episodes every Wednesday morning.

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episode 113: Worst Call Ever?

On this week's show we discuss our initial thoughts on Disney+, staying bearish on Netflix since 2002, tech adoption, Google checking accounts, Armageddon calls, the social media era, influencer fraud, new customers from free trades,...



Talk Your Book: Defined Outcome Strategies with Jason Barsema of Halo Investing

On this edition of Talk Your Book we had Jason Barsema from Halo Investing on to discuss the structured products market, how they're trying to make them more transparent, the pros and cons of structured products, best use cases for advisors and...



episode 112: I've Never Used an Emoji

On this week's show we discuss the growth in auto loans, denominator blindness in debt statistics, experts on an earlier version of the world, the one-percenters, timing value stocks, infinite leverage, more surveys and much more. Find complete...



Talk Your Book: Coaching the Yankees

On this Talk Your Book we sat down with Dana Cavalea, former strength & conditioning coach for the New York Yankees to discuss his book Habits of Champion and how he got the job of a lifetime at age 23. Find complete shownotes on our blogs... Ben...



Talk Your Book: Greg Zuckerman on Jim Simons & Renaissance Technologies

On today's Talk Your Book we talked with Greg Zuckerman about his new book The Man Who Solved the Market. We covered how Jim Simons built the greatest track record ever, lessons all investors can take away from Simons, how Ren Tech does it, the...



episode 111: The World's Worst Investor

On this week's show we discuss the food delivery recession, demographic wars, why people are staying in their homes longer, why teens love TikTok, how Deadspin imploded, selling out at the top, Apple wearable growth, Ashton Kutcher's personal finance...



episode 110: CEO Departures

On this week's show we discuss company performance after a CEO leaves, never-ending finance arguments, what would happen if we banned buybacks, Elizabeth Warren's plans to break-up big corporations, Tesla as a sentiment barometer, why China matters...



Talk Your Book: Crossing Wall Street with Eddy Elfenbein

On this edition of Talk Your Book we chatted with Eddy Elfenbein about his ETF, the buy list, passively investing in active stock picking, why it's so difficult to do nothing most of the time with your investments, fulcrum fees and much more. Find...



episode 109: The Least Happy Age

On this week's show we discuss the never-ending death of the 60/40 portfolio, why it feels logical and irrational to invest overseas right now, why rich people continue to work, how Blockbuster blew it with Netflix, the Influencer bubble may be...



episode 108: The Undies Indicator

On this week's episode we discuss the streaming wars, recession-proof businesses, the China-NBA clash, the power of Twitter, underwear economic indicators, credit vs. interest rates, the winner of the no-fee ETF war, Robinhood's foray into banking,...


 16 October 2019  44m