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episode 444: Microsoft's Surface Duo

Microsoft stunned the tech world last by announcing their return to the smartphone market. Surface Duo is expected in late 2020 and is a dual screen device running Android. Dan Bader speaks with Daniel Rubino of Windows Central and Mr. Mobile, Michael...


 08 October 2019  42m

episode 443: A Long Refrain

There's a final bit of follow up on iPhone 11 Pro vs. Note 10 before Daniel Bader, Andrew Martonik, and Hayato Huseman move on to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the process for installing Google apps on the phone. In the realm of smartwatches, Andrew has...


 30 September 2019  1h46m

episode 442: Thumb on the Scales

Jerry Hildenbrand, Daniel Bader, and Andrew Martonik have a gander at iPhone 11 compared to the Android flagships, especially as it relates to camera performance. They also discuss Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the mess the company's strategy has become in...


 22 September 2019  1h12m

episode 4: How many people can I set on fire today?

Russell Holly, Jennifer Locke, Carli Velocci, and Rebecca Spear get their game on with a discussion about Borderlands 3, followed by a pre-launch chat about Nintendo Switch Lite. Russell also shares his enthusiasm for the pirate-themed VR game Battlewake.


 17 September 2019  44m

episode 441: Smallest Bezel Awards

Andrew Martonik, Hayato Huseman, and Daniel Bader follow up on some additional phone announcements from IFA, then dig in to the latest leaks about Pixel 4. They also talk about the various iPhone 11 models, Apple's $329 iPad, and the excellent value...


 16 September 2019  1h39m

episode 3: Gears of Monster Hunter

Russell Holly, Jennifer Locke, and Carli Velocci cover the week's gaming news, including about a million announcements from Nintendo. Then Russell and Jen speak with Jez Corden of Windows Central about Gears of War, Monster Hunter, and the future of...


 08 September 2019  48m

episode 440: More Doohickey

AC Podcast host emeritus Phil Nickinson joins Daniel Bader and Are Wagoner to chat about the wide swath of products announced this week. There are new sound bars from both Roku and Amazon, new Fire TV models from Amazon, and a smart speaker from...


 06 September 2019  1h3m

episode 2: Jiggle Physics — Expecto Battery Lifeum

Jennifer Locke, Carli Velocci, and Rebecca Spear talk about some upcoming games along with what they've been playing recently. Then Russell Holly reports live from the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite event in Indianapolis, IN. Tune in for some great...


 02 September 2019  56m

episode 1: Jiggle Physics, an Android Central Podcast side quest

Everyone's Irish in Space


 25 August 2019  59m

episode 439: Have you heard the good news about Bluetooth?

Ara Wagoner and Andrew Martonik join Daniel Bader for a conversation about their Galaxy Note 10+ impressions, including a worthwhile detour into USB-C Power Delivery and PPS charging technology. Google has ditched letter/food naming conventions for...


 24 August 2019  1h19m