Ananda Marga Dharmacast

The program is hosted by Dada Vedaprajinananda. Dada is a senior teacher of Ananda Marga meditation with over 40 years of experience. Episodes will cover the theory and practice of meditation, the nature of the mind, yoga cosmology, theory of reincarnation, the eight limbs of yoga, applying spirituality to practical life and related subjects.

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Substance Use and the Spiritual Path

Can the use of various mind-altering substances help us or hinder us on the spiritual path? Dada Vedaprajinananda looks at this question with glimpses from the history of yoga, dating back 7000 years  right up until today.


 14 September 2019  12m

Can Meditation Heal the World?

It has been claimed that if enough people meditate, then the world will be transformed.  Is this true or not?  Dada Vedaprajinananda offers his opinion in this podcast.


 06 August 2019  10m

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a bully and you can overcome that bully by knowing the lore of the playground and also through spiritual remembrance. Dada Vedaprajinananda looks at the problem from both a practical and spiritual perspective,


 04 April 2019  10m

Press the Re-start Button to Help Your Meditation

When your meditation session seems to be going nowhere there is a simple technique that might help you overcome your obstacles and go on to a more blissful sitting.


 27 December 2018  5m

How to Do “Selfless” Meditation

Here is another method you can use to improve and deepen your meditation practice.


 20 December 2018  11m

The Greatest Secret of the Universe

Dada Vedaprajinananda talks about the obstacles in the way of peaceful meditation and explains “the greatest secret of the universe” as a way to overcome the obstacles.  You will have to listen for around ten minutes to find out the secret.


 16 December 2018  12m

Living in the Material World

How can we balance our spiritual goals and practices with the necessity to manage our physical and societal obligations?  That’s the subject for this episode of Dharmacast.


 05 December 2018  11m

Bhakti Yoga: The Yoga of Love

This podcast features a look at how we can channel our energy to become one with God.  Bhakti yoga is not a particular religion, sect or denomination but is the realization of humanity’s core quest: to become one with the Infinite.


 18 June 2018  17m

Struggle is the Essence of Life

In this episode we we look at the inevitability of obstacles along the spiritual path (and life itself) and how we can overcome those obstacles


 09 May 2018  9m

Fasting for physical, mental and spiritual progress

This podcast gives a practical guide for periodic 24 hour fasts. How to prepare for them, how to carry them out and how to finish nicely.


 16 January 2018  21m