All Roads Tavern

The All Roads Tavern is a weekly tabletop RPG Actual Play hosted in the tavern of the mind and possibly anywhere in the multiverse. We're not sure there is a difference yet. We have someone working on that. So, please pull up a seat by the fire, order yourself a brew from the tap, and listen to us tell our stories as we play games and crack wise. Welcome To All Roads Tavern.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 56m. Bisher sind 248 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts


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E.T. Ate My Homework #13 “We’re Not Suspicious At All”

Now split up, the Robotics Club need to finish their mission! Luke, Arnie, and Cara need to escape from Rhonda and her goons while Axl, Deisel, Evie, and Axl’s mom need to escape the hospital. Will they make it out safely? Is this the end?!


 14 August 2019  54m

E.T. Ate My Homework #12 “Go Team Delinquent”

The Robotics Club start to put their plan into action and of course, things don’t go exactly according to plan.


 05 August 2019  1h6m

E.T. Ate My Homework #11 “Got Something to Share?”

The kids meet back up with Evie and exchange findings. Then they start to formulate a plan of attack.


 29 July 2019  42m

E.T. Ate My Homework #10 “Friend Evie, Are You Okay?”

Evie ventures deep into the D.A.R.T. facility to scrounge up some clues on her missing aunt.


 22 July 2019  51m

E.T. Ate My Homework #09 “Very Small, But Cozy”

The Robotic’s club talks with Ark 313 and find out what’s really going on in Boulder City. Trouble is, the problem is hitting much closer to home than the kids like.


 15 July 2019  1h3m

E.T. Ate My Homework #08 “A Fist Full of Arnie’s Underwear”

The Robotic’s Club investigation of the ‘alien’ is interrupted and they have to make a quick getaway, but where’s Evie, and what about this mysterious new robot ‘friend’?


 08 July 2019  1h4m

E.T. Ate My Homework #07 “I’m Providing Heart!”

The kids head out into the desert to search for aliens only to find out they’re not the only ones.


 01 July 2019  1h3m

E.T. Ate My Homework #06 “Arnie, Did you Have A Tentacle Dream?”

Someone or something is digging through the kids’ dreams. Will these tendrils find what they seek, or will the kids prove their strength of will?


 24 June 2019  1h10m

E.T. Ate My Homework #05 “What Do I Have To Roll To Shoot A Snot Rocket?”

The Robotics Meet is here! Will the kids terminate the competition, or will they short circuit?


 17 June 2019  1h0m

E.T. Ate my Homework #4 “Fancy Little Finger Waves”

Episode #4, The group finally gets together for the big robotics meet! But not before learning about some mysterious goings-on in the school!? Edited: Erik Beltz SFX: Cortland Bechtell Intro Mix by Cortland Bechtell


 10 June 2019  52m