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Cardioprotective Effects of Intrinsic STAT3 in Subacute MI

While STAT3 has been shown to protect the heart post myocardial infarction during cardiac remodeling, is persistent activation of the STAT3 gene protecting or ...


 23 October 2015  12m

JAPANESE LANGUAGE PODCAST: Cardioprotective Effects of Intrinsic STAT3 in Subacute MI

In this Japanese language version of the podcast, Associate Editor Junichi Sadoshima (Rutgers New Jersey Medical School) interviews lead author Yasushi Fujio (Osaka University) ...


 23 October 2015  12m

VNS Mitigates Neuronal and Myocyte Remodeling Following MI

After more than 40 years of studying the complexities of neural control of myocardial function, what are we learning now about how the intrinsic ...


 23 September 2015  10m

Diabetic Pregnancy Impairs Function of Endothelial K+ Channels

While it is known that diabetic pregnant women are at significantly higher risk for developing preeclampsia, what are the mechanisms underlying this increasingly common ...


 14 September 2015  10m

Ventricular Arrhythmias and Fibrosis in Mice

Is interstitial fibrosis a contributor, among other factors, in the prognosis for patients at high risk for arrhythmias? Yes, according to a new study ...


 28 August 2015  11m

Voluntary Exercise in Heart Failure Rats

Exercise guidelines exist for the management and treatment of patients with most cardiovascular diseases, but where does pulmonary arterial hypertension fit into the exercise ...


 27 August 2015  12m