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Commentary and discussion focusing on featured articles from the American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology.


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episode 108: Cortical Bone Derived Stem-Cell Therapy Reduces Apoptosis

How do cortical bone derived stem cells reduce scar size and improve cardiac function following myocardial infarction? Guest Editor Lorrie Kirshenbaum (St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre) interviews authors Steven Houser (Temple University) a...



episode 107: Angiogenic Exosomes from Vascular Progenitor Cells

Where did the search to find exosome donor cells lead the authors of the new study by Johnson et al? Editor in Chief Irving H. Zucker (University of Nebraska Medical Center) interviews authors Dong Liu (Morehouse School of Medicine) and Takerra Johnson ...



episode 106: “Fit-for-Purpose” Approach to Antibody Validation

Why is it critical for researchers to take the time to validate their antibodies and protocols used in specific applications? Associate Editor Crystal Ripplinger (University of California Davis) interviews lead author Rebekah Gundry (University of Nebra...



episode 105: Spinal Cord Stimulation Blunts Dorsal Root Transduction of the Ischemic Ventricle

Can neuromodulation be used to change the sensory transduction of the ischemic ventricle? To answer this question, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Irving H. Zucker (University of Nebraska Medical Center) interviewed lead author Jeffrey Ardell ( University of Califo...



episode 104: Guidelines for Evaluating Myocardial Cell Death

It’s well known that myocardial cell death leads to cardiac remodeling and heart failure. It is, however, less well known exactly which mechanisms lead to myocyte cell death in the heart. In our latest podcast, Associate Editor Junichi Sadoshima (Rutger...


 07 November 2019  31m

episode 103: Experimental Design: Survey, Training & Practical Tools

Is it possible for preclinical researchers to improve the quality of their cardiac and metabolic animal studies by incorporating protocols and strategies aimed at reducing bias? Listen as Deputy Editor Merry L. Lindsey (University of Nebraska Medical Ce...


 05 September 2019  19m

episode 102: CD161a+ Immune Cells in Cholinergic Hypertension

How do the immune system, nervous system, and renal system interact in the pathogenesis of hypertension? In this podcast Editor in Chief Irving H. Zucker (University of Nebraska Medical Center) interviews lead author Sailesh Harwani (University of Iowa)...


 21 August 2019  14m

episode 101: Attenuation of Coronary Adenosine Dilation by Aldosterone

High plasma aldosterone is an independent risk factor for cardiac mortality, but what is known about the underlying mechanisms linking high levels of aldosterone to cardiac ischemic events? Listen as Consulting Editor Donal O’Leary (Wayne State Universi...


 14 August 2019  14m

episode 100: Total Sleep Deprivation and MSNA in Older Adults

Does 24 hours of total sleep deprivation affect older women and older men differently? Associate Editor Nisha Charkoudian (U.S. Army Research Institute for Environmental Medicine) interviews lead author Jason Carter (Michigan Technological University) a...


 07 August 2019  13m

episode 99: Heat Therapy vs. Exercise in Peripheral Arterial Disease

Can heat therapy improve exercise tolerance in peripheral arterial disease patients? Associate Editor Nisha Charkoudian (U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine) interviews lead author Ashley Akerman (University of Ottawa) and content exp...


 08 July 2019  12m