ADHD reWired

The podcast for adults with ADHD. Hear stories, learn strategies, and get great productivity tips as we talk about the real-life struggles and what it takes to achieve success. Host, Eric Tivers, LCSW, is a psychotherapist, coach and entrepreneur (with ADHD) in private practice. Eric interviews a variety of guests. Many are people just like yourself, as well professionals, entrepreneurs, and ADHD experts.

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September Q & A with Jessica McCabe and Brendan Mahan

Today's episode is our monthly Q & A session with guests Jessica McCabe and Brendan Mahan. We are taking questions from you the listener about situations that you want to talk through. It doesn't matter if it's personal or professional, we are...



episode 1: Hacking Your ADHD - Building Your Toolbox (Simulcast)

This is the premiere episode of Hacking Your ADHD, a brand new ADHD reWired Network Podcast. 



episode 290: Surviving Childhood with "Sarah Edgewood"

Sarah grew up in urban poverty with domestic violence, alcohol, drugs, and all before she turned 14. She had a hard time in school and with making friends, but her tenacity got her through, she ended up graduating from college with an MBA in finance....



episode 289: Sex, Intimacy and ADHD with Ari Tuckman

Ari Tuckman is back on the show to discuss his new book and new findings regarding how ADHD affects sex and intimacy. Ari is a psychologist in Pennsylvania working to help others live their best lives. Many times, living your best life requires...



episode 288: Mastermind: Gaining Financial Literacy

What do you do when your entire experience with money has been negative? Mastermind ways to overcome the negativity and get in tune with your finances! Agnes has had a tough time getting the people in her life to realize that she is ready to take...



episode 287: Aug Q & A

August’s Q&A was a great one for everyone needing tips and tricks for helping their children and themselves get and stay “organized.” Brendan and I help talk through various strategies we’ve used to help our kids with schoolwork and...


 10 September 2019  1h6m

episode 286: Strengths, Expectations, Frustration, and Sensory Processing with Ann Marie Silverberg

Ann Marie Silverberg is a wife, mother, dog trainer and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Listen in as we chat about her road to diagnosis, how ADHD affects her life and business, and why, in many ways, she views the condition as a strength.  Ann...


 03 September 2019  58m

episode 285: I'm not Broken, I'm Different (part 2) with Geneviève Sévigny

Genevieve’s coaching session was so good we had to break it into 2 parts. Last week we discussed a variety of topics, but this week we dig deeper. Genevieve has a variety of passions but finding the time and energy to not only start them but...


 27 August 2019  1h10m

 20 August 2019  56m

episode 283: July Q&A

Brendan and I are back for July’s Q&A session! The goal of these Q&A sessions is to allow you, the listener, a chance to submit questions and situations for us to help talk you through and mastermind. It doesn’t matter if the issue is...


 13 August 2019  1h8m