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Garbage Day: Episode 8 - Return of Jigsaw

We had to use the dump button this week as a guest on the show gets too raunchy. We did promo shots for the show and Stephen has a sad sad New Years.


 04 January 2017  27m

Garbage Day: Episode 7 - End of Year Trash

Thank goodness that this is the last show of the year. No more of us until 2017.


 28 December 2016  37m

Garbage Day: Episode 6 - Trash Can is Full

We are exploding with content this week. A full 29 minutes of it. Enjoy!


 21 December 2016  29m

Garbage Day: Test Episode 5 - Here to Stay

The Garbage Boys are back! We are here to stay so don't tell us to go away. Please.


 15 December 2016  30m

Garbage Day: Test Episode 4 - Yup, It's Still a Thing

We figured out we should just be a podcast figuring out what they want to be a podcast about... Actually, we are still figuring it out.


 07 December 2016  38m

Westworld: Episode 7, 8 & 9 Review

*SPOILERS* This serving is a threefer. Due to a Thanksgiving break, just like your hosts, this episode is FULL of it. Michael and Debbie go bananas over all of the awesomeness from Episodes 7, 8, and 9 of HBO's Westworld.


 01 December 2016  1h48m

Garbage Day: Test Episode 3- Why

Why do we keep doing these?


 30 November 2016  42m

Garbage Day: Test Episode 2 - We are Really Sorry

Just....... Let us know how much it sucks... We are figuring it out...


 23 November 2016  32m

Garbage Day: Test Episode

Do you love it? Do you hate it? Let us know!


 16 November 2016  32m

Westworld: Episode 5 & 6 Review

*SPOILERS* Michael and Debbie bring you the latest fan theories along with the fun breakdowns of the most recent two amazing episodes of HBO's Westworld.


 12 November 2016  1h28m