4Horsemen Fantasy Football

Four Men discuss the world of Fantasy Football. Usually a fight breaks out and someone calls someone an idiot.

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episode 3: Running Back Rankings Part

Our first Rankings of the year. We start off with Running Backs.


 21 June 2019  57m

episode 2: We Did Our First Mock Draft! Part II

We finish our evaluation on our first mock draft.


 11 June 2019  1h16m

episode 1: We Did Our First Mock Draft!

We did our first mock of the year and it was a fun one!


 05 June 2019  1h1m

 06 September 2018  47m

episode 13: Twin Peaks!

The $h!* farm is working VC and The Brentosaurus to hard so Its just Alex and Romine this episode. So it went way to long and There are obvious times we call each other stupid for our personal feelings about players.


 30 August 2018  1h23m

episode 12: Will Jesse James Have 38 TD in One Game?

We talk about Tyrod? Yep. We talk about Rookie RBs possibly way to long? Yep. Did Alex and Romine almost go to virtual blows and end thier friendship over Pittsburgh rookie WR James Washington? Yep. It go crazy, and we talk about the rookies and how they


 24 August 2018  1h17m

episode 11: WILD CARD! No Idea What We Talked About

I'll be honest. we talked about stuff, but who knows what it was. Football I assume.


 09 August 2018  1h1m

episode 10: CAMP BATTLE, FIGHT!

We are about to start up training camps. The coach speak will stop and the real fantasy stars will emerge.


 22 July 2018  1h14m

episode 9: Are This Years WRs Boring?

We talk all about the WRs you want and maybe some you dont. Can Cleveland really sustain this many playmakers? What about Minnesota? We will tell you, and we are always correct.


 30 June 2018  1h0m

episode 8: Yeah, We Finally Talked About the WR Rookies

We didnt think we could do it, but we are giving you an amazing rookie WR talk. Yeah they are kinda lame, but guys its ok we have lots to talk about. Your future WR3 on your 2021 team awaits!!


 11 June 2018  52m