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30for30+: "THE STERLING AFFAIRS" (Part 1)

Ramona Shelburne and Jody Avirgan discuss the making of 'The Sterling Affairs,' including a rundown of their favorite moments from the series, answers to listener questions, and audio extras. Keep an eye, both on this feed and our Twitter feed (@30for30)


 30 August 2019  41m

episode 5: THE STERLING AFFAIRS Part 5: Not Fit

The Donald Sterling story comes to an end where it all started -- with a showdown in court. This time, though, it was Donald vs. Shelly. The Sterling Affairs is hosted by Ramona Shelburne. Produced by 30 for 30 Podcasts and The Undefeated in collaboratio


 20 August 2019  51m

episode 4: THE STERLING AFFAIRS Part 4: Fallout

When the explosive tape of Donald Sterling broke, it came at a moment when power in the NBA was changing. Players, owners, and a new commissioner were faced with a major test that would re-shape the league. The Sterling Affairs is hosted by Ramona Shelbu


 20 August 2019  42m

episode 2: THE STERLING AFFAIRS Part 2: The Opposite of Showtime

Throughout the 80s and 90s, the Clippers were horrible and Donald Sterling was known as the worst owner in sports. But Donald Sterling wasn't the joke we all thought he was. The Sterling Affairs is hosted by Ramona Shelburne. Produced by 30 for 30 Podcas


 20 August 2019  49m

episode 3: THE STERLING AFFAIRS Part 3: Property

Donald and Shelly Sterling escaped poverty, reinvented themselves, and became the biggest residential landlords in LA. But in housing and basketball, they never had to face the consequences of their actions. The Sterling Affairs is hosted by Ramona Shelb


 20 August 2019  51m

episode 1: THE STERLING AFFAIRS Part 1: That Tape

A domestic battle boils over and sends the NBA into crisis when secretly recorded tapes of Donald Sterling and his mistress V. Stiviano leak on TMZ. The Sterling Affairs is hosted by Ramona Shelburne. Produced by 30 for 30 Podcasts and The Undefeated in


 20 August 2019  35m

Trailer: The Sterling Affairs

A story of power and scandal in Los Angeles. When an audio recording of a racist rant by Clippers owner Donald Sterling was leaked online, it caused an uproar that changed the NBA forever. But Sterling had been a problem for decades -- in basketball, rea


 15 August 2019  3m

10th Anniversary: 'The Fab Five' Revisited

In the final episode of our 10th anniversary series, Jody Avirgan talks with Jalen Rose and David Jacoby (aka Jalen & Jacoby) about 'The Fab Five,' and the legacy it left on college basketball. 'The Fab Five' and the entire 30 for 30 film archive is avai


 09 August 2019  32m

10th Anniversary: 'Fantastic Lies' Revisited

As part of our 10th anniversary series, Marina Zenovich chats with Jody Avirgan about 'Fantastic Lies,' which examined the Duke lacrosse scandal, and the nature of false allegations. Then, ESPN investigative reporter Paula Lavigne discusses her work arou


 09 August 2019  34m

10th Anniversary: Dan, Mina, Bomani and Zach's Favorites

To help celebrate ten years of 30 for 30 films, we've invited some of our favorite other ESPN podcasters to give picks for their favorite films: Dan Le Batard, Mina Kimes, Bomani Jones, and Zach Lowe talk with Jody Avirgan. Subscribe to all their podcast


 07 August 2019  30m