120 Minutes

the first Saturday of every month... From Lush Balearica to Digital Soul and Electronic House music, Paul Housden lays down his favourite sounds for you to nod your head to with the occasional special guest.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 2h2m. Bisher sind 78 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint alle 4 Wochen


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07.12.19 120 Minutes Xmas Show

07.12.19 120 Minutes Xmas Show. Live from 8pm (UK) “Our 120 Minutes Xmas show ends the year in a flurry of Cosmic Disco, Electronic dance and Synth Funk bizness for your listening pleasure. Crack open the Baileys, pour it on ice,



09.11.19 120 Minutes: Vinyl Only

09.11.19 120 Minutes: Vinyl Only Part 4. Live from 9pm (UK) “This month concludes our Vinyl Only edition of 120 Minutes with two hours of disco beats, laid back treats and boogie flavours.” 120 MINUTES ON RADIO NOVA LUJON PAUL HOUSDEN ON RADIO NOVA LUJ...



05.10.19 120 Minutes

05.10.19 120 Minutes. Live from 9pm (UK) “This month we roll on with part 3 of our vinyl special. Paul Housden and Phil Lamb dig deeper into the record boxes for a two hour show of disco delights, Balearic wonders and low down dirty electronic dance!


 05 October 2019  2h9m

07.09.19 120 Minutes

07.09.19 120 Minutes. Live from 9pm (UK) “Part 2 of our vinyl showdown commences this month with me and Phil Lamb going head-to-head for a two hour session of Balearic sounds, Dubby Disco and Hot House. Zhoomp!


 07 September 2019  2h11m

09.08.19 120 Minutes

09.08.19 120 Minutes. Live from 9pm (UK) “The 120 Minutes posse has a new member on board as of this month. The ray of sunshine that is Phil Lamb will be joining us permanently! About time I reckon. Join us for two hours of killer sounds as we break ou...


 06 August 2019  2h41m

28.06.19 120 Minutes w/ Phil Lamb

28.06.19 120 Minutes w/ Phil Lamb. Live from 2100HRS (UK) “Phil has been spinning choice cuts for 30 years. In that time he has played some of the most respected clubs, bars, festivals and parties – both in the UK and abroad.


 28 June 2019  2h31m

01.06.19 120 Minutes

01.06.19 120 Minutes 2100HRS (UK) Raise your hands and testify to the Spirits of the Dance, as we go live this month from the “Loft of love” for two hours of killer music from the likes of James Rod, Aroop Roy, Sex Judas, Red Axes… etcetera!


 01 June 2019  2h1m

17.05.19 120 Minutes

17.05.19 120 Minutes 2000HRS (UK) 120 minutes takes over the airwaves tonight, guerilla style, for an impromptu show. Broadcast starts at 8pm (UK)! 120 MINUTES ON RADIO NOVA LUJON PAUL HOUSDEN ON RADIO NOVA LUJON REWIND /// 120 MINUTES CONTACT THE SHOW...


 17 May 2019  2h4m

06.04.19 120 Minutes

06.04.19 120 Minutes 2100HRS (UK) No plan this month. Visitors from overseas are sitting-in on our monthly session tonight so the G & T in tinnies is in full flow, no expense spared for our Antipodean cousins.


 06 April 2019  2h22m

02.03.19 120 Minutes

02.03.19 120 Minutes 2100HRS (UK) Paul Housden, captain of the 120 Minutes yacht, lays down some of his current and past Leftfield Dance music, Balearic beats & Electric Soul in a two hour spectacle, the likes of which you’ll probably never hear again…...


 02 March 2019  2h1m