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A comedic conversation about songs and what they mean to us and what they do to us, hosted by three friends who hate each other. Learn more at 12forapenny.com.


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144 – Winner of the Metal Brackets

It’s been a while (been a while!) But in the meantime we had another baby born into the 1241 family. Welcome Freya, goddess of fineries! We celebrate your birth by throwing up the horns for the finale of our metal brackets. Find out who wins, and see the whole bracket at challonge.com/heaviestmetal.


 02 November 2018  1h15m

143 – Part 2 of Our Metal Brackets

You know you want Part 2 of our Metal Brackets where we continue to make decisions about the GOAT metal song. Well here it is. Friends of the show Aaron from The Obscure Gentlemen and Tim from The Grimoire of Exalted Dudes are in the house. Go and get it.


 24 September 2018  1h22m

 30 August 2018  n/a

141 – Pusha T's Primo Beef Emporium

Beefcast, Soundcloud Rap Edition


 25 July 2018  1h8m

 13 July 2018  1h0m

 28 June 2018  56m

80s Hits Deathmatch

80s Song Brackets


 15 June 2018  1h38m

137: Heavy Metal + May Madness Finale

This episode is a giant mess, but still fun. We're joined by the crew of Plain Zero and a listener friend or two. It all starts with the exciting conclusion of our May Madness brackets to determine the GOAT song, and it goes slightly uphill from there when we talk about Heavy Metal: the anthology movie named after the immature teen magazine. This episode is dedicated to the brave memory of our troop.


 31 May 2018  1h6m

136 – Worst People's Best Songs

Good Ones By Bad Ones


 25 May 2018  1h8m

135 – Open With a Bang

Best Album Openers


 18 May 2018  1h8m