A search engine for podcasts? You know Google, don't you?

Ok, yes, I know Google. And maybe you're better off with them as with searching for stuff here. But: fyyd has some points and one is, that it does nothing but searching podcasts and their episodes. Each podcast get's its own page where you can search inside episodes, subscribe to the feed or even pack those episodes into your personal feed. No more mess with searching the feeds URL! Of course fyyd is not a search engine like Google. There are no bazillion of servers with trillions of petabyes inside server farms wide as the suburbs of a middle sized town.

Besides all that, this is a fun project. I have fun, I learn a lot and maybe you can get your part of the fun.

Where's my podcast? I can't find it here!

Don't worry, be... that's absolutely possible. I'll let the database grow slow. Since this is all beta, I want to have a look at the stuff that happens and having far more than ~10k feeds would burn the steal. But just add your feed to the database. It will take some minutes to list, please be patient. If it lasts more that ~15 minutes, please contact us.

Slugs: Why do you list my podcast under /podcast/4711?

fyyd is a database. Databases love unique numerical IDs... But that's not a nice move, nobody loves ugly URLs.

I didn't like it with iTunes and so I want to try something else. Try to reach your podcasts page with /podcast/<TITLE-IN-FEEDFILE>.

That's not always what you expected. I'll do my very best to understand, what someone tries to reach with that URL. This takes some steps:

  • Your title is a direct hit: Everythings good and you get your podcast. This for example: /podcast/die-vorleserey
  • If it's not a direct hit, I'll search in substrings. If you try /podcast/vorleserey" it redirects to "/podcast/die-vorleserey".
  • That didn't work out either? Ok, lets do some shaman mumbo-jumbo at a nightly fire! I'll try a phonetic search, which at the moment is restricted to soundex. That works astonishingly good in many cases, but also astonishingly bad in single cases... Don't try to search vor "Vorleserei"...
This will be some work in the future. The phonetic search will widen, maybe into some algorithms serialized. Soundex is the only one at the moment, not because it's great, but because it has the best efford/result-ratio.

If I find multiple matches, you get to a page, where you can select the desired podcast. If it was inside the matches...

I'll be bound to the numerical IDs for some time, since slugs may occur in more than one podcast. Remember, that everybody can name his podcast as he likes.

What are the options, if your slug doesn't match your expectations? Well... depends on you and your podcast publisher. If you can tell him, what your podcast has to be named inside the feed with the title-tag: go off and do your best. Some publishers modify that for some reasons. I often find, that formats are attached to the title-tag: <title>nice podcast (mp3)... You see, there's work to be done :)

I found a bug!

Wow! What are the chances... ;-)) Would you mind to share it with me? That would be great.

Best way is mail, I guess. eazy@eazy-living.