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IBM Dojo Podcast: Dan Berg, Phil Estes and Rob Hirschfeld on the Present and Future of Containers

Containers have gone from technology buzzword to total ubiquity. In this podcast, we sat down with Rob Hirschfeld, founder and CEO of RackN; Dan Berg, IBM Distinguished Engineer in Cloud Foundation Services & DevOps; and Phil Estes, IBM STSM and technical leader in IBM Cloud's Open Technologies team. We dove into a discussion around significant trends in the container space, how open technology relates to containers and looked toward the technology's future. We also previewed next month's DockerCon, which is set for June 19-21 in Seattle. Like what you hear? Follow Dan, Phil and Rob on Twitter: - Dan Berg: @DanCBerg
- Phil Estes: @estesp
- Rob Hirschfeld: @Zehicle


 19 May 2016  25m