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He cut his teeth on comics. She cuts media down to size. Born in the 70s in new Jersey to a comic book store owner and a comic book critic, Erik has a lifetime of reading experience and knowledge about all things genre, comic and counter-culture. Born in the 80s to a film major and second-gen software developer, Christa comes from a traditional literary & creative writing background and applies her critical sense to the comics and media she loves. Now they\'ve teamed up to wade through the maze of sci-fi, videogame, wrestling and comic media, and wage war against mediocre critical analysis. This is the Bloodbath 2 Podcast.



Ep. 19 Darwyn Cooke, Captain America, The Final Programme

Contact info Darwyn Cooke and the New Era of Heroism  Captain America outrage First Comics and a primer on Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion saga. The Final Programme (book)


 02 June 2016  1h1m