Bloodbath2 Podcast

He cut his teeth on comics. She cuts media down to size. Born in the 70s in new Jersey to a comic book store owner and a comic book critic, Erik has a lifetime of reading experience and knowledge about all things genre, comic and counter-culture. Born in the 80s to a film major and second-gen software developer, Christa comes from a traditional literary & creative writing background and applies her critical sense to the comics and media she loves. Now they\'ve teamed up to wade through the maze of sci-fi, videogame, wrestling and comic media, and wage war against mediocre critical analysis. This is the Bloodbath 2 Podcast.



Ep. 21 A little bit of everything

Contact info Announcements In defense of Tom King’s Batman UFC and USADA Random wrestling stuff RIP James Woolley, Kenny Baker and Jerry Doyle The movies of Terry Gilliam “Drinking Kanar with Damar” musings on Star Trek Stranger Things DC Rebirth messes 


 23 August 2016  2h3m