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The Microsoft Band | Context

We take a look at coding for the Microsoft Band V2.Small device, small show, right?No. It's an EPIC. We dug into coding for the Microsoft Band and it turned out to be the biggest show that we've made to date. There's a lot in there when it comes to coding on the Band.Here's a breakdown of the show;

  • [00:55] Welcome to the show - Microsoft Band
  • [04:52] Vox Pops
  • [06:30] Show Me The Code
  • [06:30] Demo 1 - Enumerating, Connecting to the Band
  • [14:40] Demo 2 - Displaying Screens, Handling Events in the Foreground
  • [27:05] Demo 3 - Handling Band Events in the Background
  • [36:28] Demo 4 - Displaying Alerts from Bluetooth Beacons on the Band
  • [44:27] Demo 5 - Personalising the Band
  • [49:45] CTRL-Z
  • [55:36] Readme.txt
Show Notes;
  • Windows 10 and UWP
  • Microsoft Band Development
  • The Band Designer for Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Band Design Guidelines
  • Pete D's Fake Band
  • The Code


 28 August 2016  57m