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TWC9: App Dev on Xbox, Reality, Virtually, Hackathon!, HoloLens secret sauce and more... | This Week On Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and guest host Yutang Lin discuss the week's top developer news, including;

  • [01:54] Announcing the “App Dev on Xbox” live event, Event Page
  • [02:41] Reality, Virtually, Hackathon!
  • [03:25] Visual Studio “15” Preview 4 [John Montgomery]
  • [04:02] The Lightweight Visual Studio “15” Installer [Adam Welch]
  • [04:44] GitHub Extension for Visual Studio 2.0 is now available [Andreia Gaita]
  • [05:27] Beautiful apps made possible and easy with Windows.UI [Michael Crump], Introducing the UWP Community Toolkit [Giorgio Sardo]
  • [06:47] Microsoft's HoloLens secret sauce: A 28nm customized 24-core DSP engine built by TSMC [Chris Williams]
  • [08:03] HoloLens NES Emulator For Augmented Retro Gaming [Moritz Walter]
Picks of the Week!
  • Yutang's Pick of the Week:[09:21] Xbox Unveils its Latest Design… and it’s Not What You Might Think [Will Tuttle]
  • Vlad's Pick of the Week:[10:26] Learning to Segment​ [Piotr Dollar]
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 26 August 2016  12m