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Episode 210: Service Fabric Series (1 of 3) - Introduction | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

In this episode,Haishi Bai and Bruno Medina are joined by Mark Fussell, Principle Program Manager Lead working on Azure Service Fabric. In this first installment of a 3-part series, Mark gives a comprehensive introduction of Service Fabric. He talks about different service types, programming models, tools and services provided by Service Fabric to help developers to build cloud-scale applications. He also answers some of the commonly asked questions such as capacity plan, Cloud Service migration, state management and overall application lifecycle management.In the next episodes, we'll drill into two interesting topics: container integration and Linux support.Links from the show:

  • [12:54] - Creating a Service Fabric cluster
  • [25:26] - Creating a stateless service
  • [36:44] - Creating a stateful service
  • [43:23] - Word count sample
  • Service Fabric SDK
  • Introduction to Microservices
  • Jeffrey Richter’s Service Fabric course
  • Service Fabric Samples
  • Service Fabric Party Clusters
  • Service Fabric Lab
  • Service Fabric Forum
  • Service Fabric questions (stack overflow)
  • Service Fabric issues
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 26 August 2016  54m