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Every day, hundreds of thousands of votes are cast across thousands of communities on reddit. reddit propels people and ideas to an audience of millions. We created this podcast so we can delve deeper and go beyond those upvotes -- to learn more about the stories that hit our frontpages and left a lasting impression. Hopefully, we’ll gain further insight into ourselves as well as the communities we love that make reddit so special.




031: The Heroine of Heroin

Tracey Helton (/u/traceyh415) is the focus of this week’s episode of Upvoted by Reddit. We discuss her depression growing up, how she became addicted to heroin, life as a homeless heroin addict, being the subject of the HBO documentary ‘Black Tar Heroin’, how she got clean, her involvement in harm reduction, how she got involved in r/opiates on reddit, Naloxone, and how she saved the lives of over 120 users by sending naloxone to those with no access.   This episode features Tracey Helton /u/traceyh415, Jamey Jasta, Max Gunawan (founder of Lumio), /u/opiathrowaway, John Doe  and Yev Pusin (/u/yevp).   You can donate to Tracey via Paypal at traceyh415@gmail.com.     This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Backblaze.     Relevant Links:  

  • r/opiates
  • Tracey’s Blog
  • Pre-order Tracey’s Book ‘The Big Fix’
  • Watch Black Tar Heroin on Youtube
  • Yev’s Blog Article on the Blackblaze Incident
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the Heroin epidemic in the United States
  • Tracey's Original AMA on r/opiates


 13 August 2015  1h2m