Upvoted by Reddit

Every day, hundreds of thousands of votes are cast across thousands of communities on reddit. reddit propels people and ideas to an audience of millions. We created this podcast so we can delve deeper and go beyond those upvotes -- to learn more about the stories that hit our frontpages and left a lasting impression. Hopefully, we’ll gain further insight into ourselves as well as the communities we love that make reddit so special.




032: The Great North American TIFU

Elyot Grant (/u/elyot) is the focus of this week’s episode of Upvoted by Reddit. We discuss how Elyot created Prismata, how he dropped out of graduate school at MIT, his epic TIFU, how reddit came to the rescue, the Prismata Kickstarter, and what Lunarch Studios has planned for the future.   Alexis also reads Where the Red Sands Blow by /u/quantumfirefly. This piece was third place in last month's Upvoted Writing Contest in /r/writingprompts.   This episode is sponsored by Backblaze and Igloo.   Relevant Links:

  • Prismata’s Website
  • The Epic TIFU Post
  • Elyot’s AMA
  • Prismata’s Kickstarter
  • Prismata Subreddit
  • Where the Red Sands Blow by /u/quantumfirefly


 20 August 2015  47m