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Every day, hundreds of thousands of votes are cast across thousands of communities on reddit. reddit propels people and ideas to an audience of millions. We created this podcast so we can delve deeper and go beyond those upvotes -- to learn more about the stories that hit our frontpages and left a lasting impression. Hopefully, we’ll gain further insight into ourselves as well as the communities we love that make reddit so special.




034: The Story of Matthew VanDyke

Matthew VanDyke (/u/MatthewVanDyke) is the focus of this week’s episode of Upvoted by Reddit. We discuss his upbringing; his motorcycle trip through North Africa as well as the Middle East, why he fought in the Libyan Revolution, his experience in Libyan prison, his experience in the Syrian Revolution, his documentary films about these experiences, and his new organization fighting Isis in Northern Iraq, ‘Sons of Liberty International’.   Alexis also reads “The Magic Man” by /u/Samjez. This piece was first place in last month's Upvoted Writing Contest in r/writingprompts.   This episode is sponsored by Ziprecruiter and Ting.

Relevant Links:

  • Matthew VanDyke’s Website
  • Point and Shoot on Netflix
  • Not Anymore: A Story of a Revolution on YouTube
  • Sons of Liberty International
  • Matthew VanDyke’s AMA
  • Alby Mangels World Safari Part One on YouTube
  • Bonus Episode of Upvoted by Reddit with Ziprecruiter CMO, Allan Jones
  • The Magic Man by /u/Samjez
  • r/ting


 03 September 2015  45m