Sundays From Harlem

Sundays From Harlem is a deep house music show that is focused on LISTENERS instead of DANCERS. There's a lot of great house music out there which is full of musicianship which gets overlooked for the louder, more obnoxious music which occupies dance floors on peak night.....Not this show



Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #178 (Originally aired on Oct 17th, 2019)

Recording this session got me in trouble with the neighbors and my landlord. I was playing, "Into My Life (You Brought the sunshine) and my wife walked in and started dancing to the song and when I turned up the volume, the neighbors emailed the landlord and then I got an email about a noise complaint. This is definitely a situation where I know my neighbors are listening to good music! Go to @sundaysfromharlem on Instagram for the video playlist of the songs I played in this weeks show! Tune in each Sunday to as it airs before the podcast comes out!!