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episode 85: Dr Felix Duerr Discusses Potential for Lifetime Study of Limb Amputation in Dogs

Tripawds Podcast Episode #85: On this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio Rene discusses, the benefits and potential of performing a lifetime study to analyze the long-term effects of limb amputation on dogs. 

Here at Tripawds, we are passionate about educating people to help their amputee pets live a long healthy life on three legs. And so is today's guest: Dr Felix Duerr, from Colorado State University's department of Small Animal Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. We have had the honor of meeting Dr Duerr a number of times, and having him as a previous guest on the show. Over the years, we have tossed around the idea of a lifetime study for amputee dogs. Something similar to the popular "Golden Retriever Lifetime Study" currently underway, could provide important insight into the mobility challenges and biomechanical changes Tripawds experience over time. But what would it take to perform a lifetime "longitudinal study" like this? We'll learn what that term means, the important discoveries such a study might reveal, and the challenges to make it happen.

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Recorded October 7, 2019.

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 03 November 2019  26m