Sundays From Harlem

Sundays From Harlem is a deep house music show that is focused on LISTENERS instead of DANCERS. There's a lot of great house music out there which is full of musicianship which gets overlooked for the louder, more obnoxious music which occupies dance floors on peak night.....Not this show



Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #177 (Originally aired on Oct 10th, 2019)

The deep house music show kept things jazzy and organic for the first hour, then we take a deep dive to the stratosphere with some atmospheric deepness by tracks from every part of the world. I've gained a lot of Fiber Art followers and had to give them a couple big shout outs. The 2hr session keeps pumping along with music by Fish Go Deep, Local Options, Distant People, Josh Milan, Christos Fourkis, Bekzin Terris, Joe Claussell, Calypso De Sir, Antonio Ocasio, DJ Gregory, Josh Wink, Ursula Rucker, Louie Vega, and more!! SFH is now on Instagram! (@sundaysfromharlem) Dont miss the show each Sunday, exclusively on


 10 November 2019  2h0m