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Episode 67: Partly Forms-y With a Chance of Visual Studio

In this month's episode James and Matt talk a bit about everything. From previewing this year's HUGE Ignite Conference, to talking about the incredible bumper on Matt's new Channel 9 show - Partly Cloudy - the guys hit it all this month. They also discuss the new release of Xamarin.Forms 4.3 , and how to find out what's new with the new stuff! James explains the new App Bundle Support coming to Visual Studio - and why that's a great thing for you and your Android applications! That and a ton of great Azure goodness too! Plus the Pick of the Pod! As always, get yourself some free Azure here! Show Notes

  • Check out the Ignte Tour!
  • Matt's Partly Cloudy Show
  • The latest new features released
  • Learn more about RefreshView
  • Draw some polygons on your maps!
  • Pin that map up real good!
  • CarouselView Challenge wrapup
  • App Bundles on the Xamarin Show
  • New Community Standup site -
  • Download the Azure + Xamarin Infographic poster
  • More Xamarin Developer Summit videos!
  • Microsoft Mobile Landing Page
  • New documentation on doing mobile apps with Microsoft tech!
  • Buy your monkeys here!
  • DAPR
  • Azure App Configuration
  • Azure CDN Docs
  • Put a CDN over the BLOB storage
  • Git branching model
  • Context Menu
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 08 November 2019  39m