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Club Clarity Radio // Ep. 128

DJ RACHEL LYNCH INTERVIEWWelcome back to Club Clarity Radio interviews where we have up and coming industry artists who are making waves and sharing valuable knowledge for our listeners.We’re excited to have DJ Rachel Lynch back on for Ep. 128 to talk about her incredible story of how she got into DJ’ing. Rachel has separated herself apart from other area DJ’s by using content creation, product reviews, gig logs, social media, and other entertaining brand videos to grasp her own audience sharing valuable information.In this episode she shares a wealth of knowledge for anyone who has started out DJ’ing part time that wants to build their brand and separate themselves from the pack. We had Rachel on for a Club Clarity Radio mix (Ep. 102) back in 2018 and are excited to talk with her about the journey since she began her DJ career some years ago.Follow DJ Rachel LynchIG: @djrachellynch


 05 November 2019  n/a