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224: How to Prepare for the Future of Facebook Advertising

Due to Facebook’s influence, your website is less and less often the first place potential customers learn about your brand. We don’t see this changing anytime soon. In fact, Facebook’s already moving to on-site checkout, removing the need to visit your website altogether. Today we’re talking about the future of Facebook advertising and how we see it evolving. We discuss what Facebook’s plans are for the platform, as well as for Instagram, and how you can be prepared for what’s to come.  Enjoy! Episode Highlights

  • 5:13 Why we’re talking about Facebook’s future and what you’ll learn today.
  • 6:53 What Facebook has planned for future interactive elements.
  • 9:04 How to use Instagram polls to increase engagement.
  • 11:17 The future of augmented reality on Facebook and how it could impact your CPM.
  • 14:22 Interactive games as ads: worth the hype or overrated?
  • 16:05 Andrew’s biggest takeaways about the future of Facebook advertising.
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 05 November 2019  20m