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Brunch with Brent: A Chat with Allan Jude

Brent sits down for an in-person chat with Allan Jude for a retrospective storytelling of his beginnings in BSD, his long history with podcasting, BSDNow and Jupiter Broadcasting, a beginner's guide to the benefits of FreeBSD, with technical nuggets and nostalgic bits throughout. Allan Jude wears many hats including FreeBSD developer and member of the FreeBSD Core team, ZFS expert, co-founder and VP Engineering at Klara Inc., co-founder and VP Operations at ScaleEngine Inc., host of BSDNow, former host of TechSNAP among many others.Links:

  • BSDNow
  • TechSNAP
  • ScaleEngine
  • STOked (Archive)
  • Linux Action Show (Archive)
  • FauxShow (Archive)
  • Unfilter (Archive)
  • OpenZFS
  • BSDCan - The BSD Conference Canada
  • Euro BSD Conference
  • Asia BSD Conference
  • FreeBSD ZFS Handbook
  • BSD's POLA - Principle of Least Astonishment
  • BSDNow Live


 15 October 2019  1h33m