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Conversation with Lisa Dale Miller: Mindfulness and connection

This conversation is an exploration of what happens when we pay attention not just to thoughts and ideas, but also to the experience of being in conversation.

Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT, LPCC, SEP is licensed to practice integrative psychotherapy in California, New York, and Oregon and is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP). Lisa has been an outpatient clinician for the Veterans Administration San Jose, a teacher of Mindfulness-based Interventions and trains clinicians in the clinical applications of Buddhist psychology. She is a dharma teacher and has been a yogic and Buddhist meditation practitioner for over four decades.Lisa authored a highly-regarded scholarly, clinical textbook on Buddhist psychology for mental health professionals, Effortless Mindfulness: Genuine mental health through awakened presence. Her most recent project is the Groundless Ground Podcast. See her website.
Published October 2019.


 20 October 2019  18m