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Episode 66: .NET Conf Recap!

In this month's episode James and Matt recap .NET Conf! .NET Conf just happened and if you missed anything don't worry, because... We. Have. You. Covered. There were a ton of great announcements and we talk about them all. Including all of the Xamarin related sessions, what Hot Restart is, and the release of a ton of .NET 101 videos. Oh ... and did you know that XAML Hot Reload is hiding in plain sight within the stable version of Visual Studio!?!? We have all of that, and cloud news, and the Azure service of the month. Plus the Pick of the Pod! As always, get yourself some free Azure here! Show Notes

  • Check out all the goodness of .NET Conf!
  • Read all the Xamarin .NET Conf Announcements
  • More in-depth announcement on iOS 13
  • You want the Android announcement - you got it!
  • Hot Restart announcement
  • Check out the Hot Reload docs!
  • iOS 13 docs
  • Android 10 docs
  • Xamarin + Azure Functions Challenge
  • CarouselView Challenge Wrap-Up Post
  • Xamarin Community Stand-Up ... See how the CarouselView works!
  • On .NET - Azure Function Custom Bindings
  • Azure Functions Bindings docs
  • DevOps for Mobile Show Intro
  • Every DevOps for Mobile Show - more added as they're released!
  • Find out more about Azure Storage
  • Put a CDN over the BLOB storage
  • FFImageLoading
  • PancakeView
.NET Conf Xamarin Sessions
  • Xamarin.Forms - More Productive and Beautiful Than Ever
  • Build Amazing Cloud Connected Apps with Xamarin, Azure, and App Center
  • Building Modern Android Applications with Android
  • Boosting Your Xamarin Development Productivity
  • The Keynote
  • Xamarin YouTube playlist
.NET 101 Video Series
  • .NET for Apache Spark Series
  • Xamarin 101 Series
  • C# 101 Series
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 11 October 2019  39m