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220: From Poker World Champion to Productivity Master: How to Work Less & Achieve More

If someone tells you the secret to success is working as much as you possibly can, they’re wrong. Successful, productive people don’t work more, they work on fewer things that have greater impact. Today we’re joined by productivity expert and ex-world champion poker player Chris Sparks, who is also the founder and CEO of The Forcing Function. Chris helps entrepreneurs identify what they truly want in life (step #1 to increasing your productivity) and then works with them to achieve their goals in the most effective way possible. We talk with Chris about how to figure out what you actually want, the importance of leveraging your unique assets, and why reflection is the missing ingredient to progress. Episode Highlights

  • 6:44 Introducing Chris Sparks and how his obsession with productivity began at the poker table.
  • 10:12 Why Chris decided to forego a job opportunity at Ford to become a professional poker player.
  • 14:56 The double-down inspiration for Chris’ new book: Experiment Without Limits.
  • 19:46 What sets Chris’ action-oriented (and free) productivity workbook apart.
  • 22:33 The first question Chris asks when he starts working with a new client.
  • 23:38 The difference between peak performers and those who are not.
  • 25:42 Common myths about what productivity actually looks like.
  • 28:39 Why it’s better to take one small step forward every single day rather than make big changes all at once.
  • 32:12 How to figure out what you actually want.
  • 38:18 What to do when your business has incredible momentum, but it’s costing you the lifestyle freedom you dreamed it would give you.
  • 44:28 The importance of reflection to your productivity and progress.
  • 47:04 The biggest weapon in any entrepreneur’s arsenal.
  • 48:23 Tools Chris uses every day that increase his productivity.
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 08 October 2019  53m