Sundays From Harlem

Sundays From Harlem is a deep house music show that is focused on LISTENERS instead of DANCERS. There's a lot of great house music out there which is full of musicianship which gets overlooked for the louder, more obnoxious music which occupies dance floors on peak night.....Not this show



Sundays From Harlem on Ibiza Live Radio #172 (Originally aired on Oct 6th, 2019)

The deep house show from NYC started out on a soulful and Jazzy vibe with a track by Mark Francis called, "Fantasy Island" From there, the vibe got deep and deeper until I had to break up that vibe with some beautiful/jazzy tracks by Iramo and Blaze. After a sweet cover of the Stevie Nicks song, "Dreams" by Colette, we get deeper and deeper with tracks by Rupeski and Sebb Junior just before we come back up to the surface with some feel good tracks by Zephrin Saint, Jihad Muhammad and Ralf Gum to end the show. Tune in each week and 103.7FM in Ibiza ::PLAYLIST:: 01) Fantasy Island-Mark Francis 02) Green Boulevard-Vian Pelez 03) Moonlight (Kiko Navarro Dub Remix)-Lunare Project, Jaidene Veda 04) Odd Life (Original Mix)-Shur-I-Kan, Fred Everything 05) Señor Blues-Saison 06) Get My Mind Right (Crackazat Remix)-Rony Breaker, Shyam P 07) Towards The Seer (Andre Lodemann Remix)-Jimpster 08) Strong Verbs-Fish Go Deep 09) Tierra Mia Abreme Los Caminos-Iramo 10) Sapporo (Album Mix)-Blaze 11) Gold (Terry Hunter Platinum Remix)-Emmaculate, Kaye Fox 12) Kanga-Sébastien Léger 13) Sandcastles-Jerome Sydenham And Dennis Ferrer 14) Dreams (Pete Moss Remix)-Colette 15) Dreaming About Tomorrow-Rupeski 16) I Can Feel It (Original Mix)-Sebb Junior 17) Angel (Zepherin Saint Tribe Tribeapella)-Liquideep 18) What You Won't Do For Love (Jihad Muhammad Remix)-DJ Beloved 19) Back To Love (Ralf GUM Main Mix)-Joseph Junior, Ayanda Jiya


 06 October 2019  2h0m