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Exploring the “space between”

This 1-minute video was created by Joe Colletti, Beth Mahler and me after a Roundtable on the “space between” facilitated by Beth and me. We hope it will stimulate your curiosity: We are inviting you to pay attention to the “space between” next time you have a Focusing partnership or any other form of mindful conversation. Please share your experiences, and comments, with us through the feedback form.

Transcript of the video:
What happens in a mindful conversation?
We pay attention to you… and to me… but also… the space between.
At first, it looks like there’s nothing. Just like there seems to be nothing between the Earth and the moon. And yet, there’s gravity, there’s interaction.
It is not visible but it’s there. Implicit, not explicit.
So, with curiosity, we sense into it. Aha! A sense of…
Emotional resonance…
sense of connection…
sense of separation…
the felt history of prior relationships…

When we sense into the implicit, something emerges.
The implicit becomes… not quite explicit…. but something that we can almost feel and touch. Something that shapes us while we shape it.
What happens when you sense into it?

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Here is the audio-only version:
Published September 8, 2019


 08 September 2019  1m