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Slam's heavyweight weekly broadcast which will showcase their techno and club DJ mixes, and also mixes and music from their peers and contemporaries.



Slam Radio 365 | Kike Pravda

Slam Radio 365 with Kike Pravda **We've created a place to discuss and stay up to date with Slam Radio=> One of Resident Advisors most charted artists, Born in Vitoria, Spain, we welcome Kike Pravda to Slam Radio Listen to all Slam Radio shows here Subscribe on Spotify: Subscribe on iTunes: Slam Radio is produced at For syndication or radio queries, email and Sunsnet_of_Atomic_Civilization Oxygeno - Suffocation Uväll - Inversion (Nørbak Remix) Lewis Fautzi - Extinction F02 A.Paul, Temudo - Antenna Research Planetary Assault Systems - Screen (2018 Re-edit) Kaiser - Transitiion Modig - Latissimus (Blawan Remix) Oscar Mulero -Transparent Ray Lars Huismann-Delirium Modular - 4444 Kastil - Nostalgia Ritzi Lee - Refactored Led - Process 6 Nørbak & Temudo - I Will Guide Thy Hand Kastil - binding_echos - live_edit Pfirter - Coherence Roll Dann - Scheme Oliver Rosemann - Tengo Reeko - Nervous Idiots In The Bar Tensas - Certain 1 Karenn - Rek Tensal-Bihotxak Tensal-Civil_Defense Christian Wunsch - Plastic Oceans Lewis Fautzi - Extinction F03 Lex Gorrie - Space Time (Farceb Remix) Michel Lauriola - Wave Collision Bernardo_Hangar - Sistema_Caotico


 26 September 2019  54m